Photograph of a Hornby LNER Bramham Moor

Hornby O Gauge LNER Bramham Moor electric model railway engine – this Hornby O Gauge electric model railway engine was manufactured sometime between 1936-1941. So it was well used by the time I got it around age 5. One-minute read

Gary's stuff arrives from the UK

Goods and Chattels – Today has been a day of unpacking. After two and a half months of waiting for my stuff finally arrived. Twenty four boxes and one desk. Eleven of the boxes contained just books. The remainder held personal papers, clothes, my computer, CDs DVDs and my speakers. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Research – ended up sitting on the sofa researching whisky (in the glass) and double-decker buses (on the Internet) while Ginger researched wedding dresses, whisky, and took her own picture for the day. One-minute read

The first ‘another day’ of the year – A new project for 2009? One-minute read

Photograph of a Swiss Navy Knife

Swiss Navy Knife – Yesterday I was unable to enter a building because I was carrying this knife.

Stored – Today we finally got round to putting my empty suitcases away in the shed. A simple job with a profound meaning.

The last lap (Part Two) – Ginger, Katie and Lanie were at the airport to meet me when I arrived at Springfield. One-minute read

The last lap (Part One) – It is nine fifty-five pm in the UK and three fifty-five pm in Dallas. I got up at four am this morning to travel to Heathrow with Ian and Robert. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

A blurred yellow taxi crosses a junction under 'the loop' on State Street, Chicago

State Street, Chicago. One of my all-time favorite pictures.

Black and white image Burrell Main Building, Springfield Missouri


Near Olga, State Highway Z – I was stopped twice while taking this picture. Once by some locals in a passing truck, and a few minutes later by the property’s owner. 2 pictures

Gary Allman, Ginger Davis Allman and Lanie alongside a Camo decorated Toyota Tundra Pick-up

Camo Covered Toyota Tundra pick-up – My first trip to the US and this camo covered Toyota Tundra pick-up at Bass Pro was an essential photo opportunity.

A black and white photograph of Gary and Ginger Allman on the the day they first met (August 11, 2007)

August 11, 2007, First Meeting – and just over a month after we realized we’d get married. Two-minute read, +1

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