Will it work? Dry fit. Just eyeballing it to make sure we like the use of space, and checking I hadn’t messed up my size calculations.

Boxes — I was going to custom build the Sparkle Zone Storage Center, but we realized we could save a lot of time (but not $$$ — the doors alone were nearly $700) by bringing in ready-made units. I volunteered my friend Tom and his pickup to help me collect the boxes and the large 8ft by 3ft end panel. The truck’s bed was full to overflowing.

An empty wall equals storage potential. Recently we’ve been on the lookout for more storage space. We have also been looking for somewhere with space, that we can use for small product photography. The south facing windows of the ‘Sparkle Zone’ offer good light and, we realized, space for storage of our photography gear — and more.

I finally found a use for one of the few small rock samples I have collected over the years.
I also tried out some new (to me) technologies in creating this post.

Morning sunlight in the workshop. +1

Workshop Bling — I finally got around to adding some drawer pulls onto the drawers in the workshop/garage.

Cleaning & Reorganizing — My biggest recent upgrade has been to plumb in compressed air lines so I don’t trip over the airline snaking its way across the floor. I should have done it years ago. +1

Hall Closet #2 finished — well, except the wall still needs patching and repainting.

Stained, ready for varnishing.

Workshop — mid-project. +1

Hall Closet #2 door trim added & doors fitted.

Checking — will everything fit as planned?

Measurements — It was a key requirement that this cart fitted and would pass easily through the doorway.

Backpacking gear to the rescue — Making breakfast and charging my phone while the power is out. We were lucky, we only went without power for 21 hours. +1

Hall Closet #2 — making a start. We’ve been planning to convert this space into a closet for some time now.

Four days by Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness, July 2023. It’s time I took a short break, watched the lake for a while, did some navel-gazing, and maybe some journaling. Trip write-up: five-minute read, +15

Photograph of Gary Allman at the Pineview Trailhead, Piney Creek Wilderness, Missouri, USA. July 2023.

Trip over — Three nights and four days by the lake. I left a day early as I didn’t fancy hiking out in the 90°F+ temps forecast for Monday. +1

Just sitting and watching — That’s pretty much how I spent four days. The cup of tea was optional. +2

Photograph of Gary Allman sitting in a camp chair with a pot of food. Camped in Piney Creek Wilderness, Missouri, USA. July 2023.

Noodles for lunch.

Photograph of Gary Allman sitting at a campfire, Piney Creek Wilderness, Missouri, USA. July 2023.

Campfire — It is very rare for me to have a campfire nowadays. But I’d collected the wood, so I might as well use it and keep the fire ring clean.

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness. My neighbors are fishing the small bluff opposite their camp.

Camped near Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness. The forecast was for two to three days of rain, so I carried in a second tarp to have a dry area to sit and prepare meals. It sprinkled once for about half an hour. +1

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness — I never tire of this view or taking pictures of it. Look closely; you can see that I had neighbors on this visit. Two fishermen camped at the entrance to Piney Creek. +2

On the lake trail at Piney Creek Wilderness. It doesn’t look it, but that’s a 60-80 ft. climb.

Ready for the trail. Or, judging by the reflection in my sunglasses: “Car, dunny (a.k.a. vault toilet), arm and camera.” I’m planning on spending four nights and five days at my favorite camping spot by Table Rock Lake.

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