Words and pictures featuring Missouri

Dead tree, Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri.

White Pelicans – White Pelicans on Harry S Truman Lake at Bucksaw.

Once more I stand before the wall

Gary with our Mutha Hubba tent, Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake – I thought I’d get my daily picture out of the way early in the day.

Weekend camping at Bucksaw.

Sunset at Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri – Note the cool Crepuscular Rays.

It’s November 5th and this year we left the Guy at home (365:309) – Last year we were also at lake Truman for Guy Fawkes night, and we took the Guy along for company. This year we were expecting to be carrying up loads of kids’ luggage to Kansas City, so we left Guy behind. That’s three years now he’s avoided a fiery demise. 11 pictures

Looking South up the Hill at the Busiek South Access - www.ozarkswalkabout.com

Fall color on the track leading back to the road from the south trailhead at Busiek.

Trunk or Treat (365:303) – This evening we went to the Church Hallowed Carnival. 3 pictures

Breakfast at Aunt Martha’s Pancake House (365:298) +1

Gary and Lanie down by the creek (365:295) – Today we relaxed at Ginger’s parents. I relaxed so much I spent a good part of the afternoon fast asleep sitting on the porch of the guest house. 5 pictures

Family cookout (365:294) – Tonight we’re camping at Ginger’s parents.

I thought I’d cleaned the mirror before taking this picture. Obviously not. Ginger’s not been feeling too well, so I let her sleep and picked up the big kids from school.

This is what results when one accidentally presses the shutter while struggling to get the camera into position (365:261).

Trying to get out of the parking lot on the way home from the symphony (365:260)

Warmth (365:259) – This week it went from a hot 94°F to a chilly 45°F.

Yay! Out of the house and no sign of a wall (same basic pose though). Out and about this morning, with a trip to church and WalMart. We spent a fair bit of the afternoon in the backyard where I fed the mosquitoes while we took pictures.

Gary, Lanie and Ginger (hiding at the back) too (365:248)

I could have gotten a much better picture if I’d got the camera out earlier today. I didn’t. Church this morning was a camp Shawio, followed by burgers and conversation. I enjoyed the informal service and had a great time catching up with people afterwards.

Working late (365:227) – Lots to do and I’m not getting a lot of sleep.

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