A Week in Denver – Communicators’ Conference 2019. Three-minute read

1144 15th Street, Denver, Colorado. 2 pictures

Colorado State Capitol, Denver.

Denver Skyline.

An Afternoon at Denver Art Museum. One-minute read. 2 pictures

Portal to another dimension – Frederic C. Hamilton Building. Denver, Colorado.

Made in China. Artist: Sui Jianguo.

Skylight – Seen at Denver Art Museum, Frederic C. Hamilton Building. 2 pictures

The Way the Moon’s in Love with the Dark, Artist: Fred Wilson. 3 pictures

Contrasting Spaces #1 – Denver Art Museum.

Contrasting Spaces #2 – Denver Art Museum.

Curtis Hotel, Denver Colorado.

Holy Communion at St. John’s Cathedral. Denver, Colorado. 3 pictures

Censing the Altar – Bishop-Elect Kimberly (Kym) Lucas. 2 pictures

Prayer Candles, St. John’s Cathedral Denver, Colorado

Altar – St. John’s Cathedral. Denver, Colorado.

Staircase – The stairs to the gallery were quite tight. 2 pictures

Potty Mouth – I don’t often take pictures in the men’s room. but when I do, I have a reason. Curtis Hotel, Denver.

The Rocky Mountains from the Air – Portland Day 1. I’m traveling to the Episcopal Communicators’ Conference in Portland Oregon.

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