Short Breaks

Quick visits, day trips, excursions, and weekends away. Anything under a day or two, that you wouldn’t count as a genuine vacation.

Rose – Jim Davis.

Katydid for Katy O – Jim created this for our friend Katie in Pennsylvania. We’ll be delivering it in a couple of weeks when we go visit.

Ivory – Jim Davis.

On the 31st Floor. Austin, Texas – My home for the past 10 days. It’s a bit of a change from hammock camping in the wilderness.

Labor Day Weekend With The Parents – Saturday, contrary to expectations of a sleep-in, I was up at 6:30 am to accompany Jim to my first Midwest auction. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Anchored in Stockton Lake

John asked if I fancied going sailing. He had to ask? That’s a given. Five-minute read, +13

Ginger spotted this picture which worked very well. We probably should’ve put more water in the Platy.

Cooling off in a pool on Woods Fork – Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. Birthday solo backpacking for a couple of days at Busiek.

White Pelicans – White Pelicans on Harry S Truman Lake at Bucksaw.

Weekend camping at Bucksaw.

It’s November 5th and this year we left the Guy at home (365:309) – Last year we were also at lake Truman for Guy Fawkes night, and we took the Guy along for company. This year we were expecting to be carrying up loads of kids’ luggage to Kansas City, so we left Guy behind. That’s three years now he’s avoided a fiery demise. 11 pictures

Family cookout (365:294) – Tonight we’re camping at Ginger’s parents.

Gary Allman sitting in a plastic garden cair waiting for the trash man to arrive. Color photograph.

Waiting for the trash man (365:292) – The plan was to get the work finished on the house, get the work inspected, have all the rubbish taken away, hire a trailer for the pick-up, load everything to go back to Springfield, and drive home – a day early.

Campfire (365:163) – Today we drove to St Louis to drop the girls off with their father for a few weeks in Chicago while we cross the Atlantic and spend some time in the UK. Alek is staying at home to work and hopefully not burn the house down in our absence.

Camped at Berry Bend – Truman Lake. 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger Allman enjoying a campfire at Berry Bend Campground in November 2010

Berry Bend Campfire – We cheated on the fire. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time and energy gathering and cutting wood, so we bought some logs for $4 and I split them.

Gary and Ginger Allman at Truman Lake, Missouri, wildlife and lake watching

Camping at Berry Bend – This weekend we tried out our backpacking gear. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

Pre-Dawn at Table Rock Lake. We were up late watching the Perseids meteor shower, which we did by laying in the warm waters of Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

Float Trip on the Big Piney and Gasconade Rivers.

1:1 ratio crop. Ginger enjoying the early evening view at the Pines Overlook campground, Davisville, Missouri

Ginger enjoying the view at Pines Overlook Campsite. +1

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