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My favorite pictures and posts. The pictures, people and events that are special to me.

Gary and the Truck Cab on the Pees Hollow Trail. [3 pictures]

‘Cab Creek’ [1 picture]

That’s One Way to Get Ginger to Laugh. [1 picture]

Solo Backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness — After a busy week, I made a snap decision to go backpacking. [35 Pictures and lots of words]

Evening Prayer at Kanuga. [3 pictures]


Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden.

My Home For The Next Four Days. [4 pictures]

Pees Hollow Backpacking Trip – My new Hammock arrived last week and I couldn’t wait any longer to try it out. [54 pictures and lots of words]

Glades and Knobs – You cannot be a Brit (well this Brit anyway) and not snigger occasionally at the local term for a pointy hill – ‘knob’. [6 knob(ish) pictures]

Dodge Truck Hood [1 picture]

Brushy Creek [1 picture]

Gary Modestly Posing at Brushy Creek. [2 Pictures]

The Confluence of Brushy Creek and ‘Cab Creek’ [1 (big) picture]

Brushy Creek – The name is very well deserved, it is brushy almost to the point of being impassable. [6 pictures]

Black and White image of the Pees Hollow Trail , Hercules Glades, running through a wooded area.

A Clear Path – The trail through the woods was very clear here. [2 pictures]

Watch Your Head – fragile looking tree by the trail. [1 picture]

View From The Ridge at the Start of the Pees Hollow Trail. One reason why I prefer fall, winter, and spring to summer is that you can see the views and the ‘bones’ of the land… [1 picture]

“E LIZ-ard” Mild steel, lizard sculpture by Jim Davis. [2 pictures]

It was time to go out on my long awaited backpacking trip with a hammock. Plan ‘A’ was for us to go on a quick, one-night visit to Hercules Glades Wilderness. When Ginger decided she wasn’t going, I quickly came up with Plan ‘B’ which transformed the quick one-nighter into a solo three-day, Friday through Sunday trip. [55 Pictures and lots of words]

Day Hike on the Busiek Yellow Trail. Today we decided to take one of the easier trails, and spend a bit of time looking around. [30 Pictures]

Woods Fork, Busiek. Just below the bridge by the east parking Lot. [2 pictures]

Creek Crossing. There are a total of five places where you have to cross Woods Fork. [3 pictures]

Snack Break. We stopped at the Woods Fork crossing to have a quick break. [4 pictures]

Ginger crossing Woods Fork, and a couple of views of the ridge to the south. [3 pictures.]

Decimation. The lower ground alongside the creek took quite a beating during the recent rain and this area must have looked very impressive when Woods Fork flooded. [3 pictures]

Easy Hiking. The colors and way that the vines were over-running the trees were asking to be captured. [4 pictures]

Dropping Down towards Woods Fork. [6 pictures]

Altar - Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri

Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri [8 pictures]

Diaconal Ministry and Community. A small group discussion led by the Venerable Bruce Bower. [2 pictures]

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