July 21 I took Luke for an afternoon kayaking on the James River at Springfield, Missouri +11.

EFM Graduation – Today saw the end of my four years of study. +12

Some Crafting and a Barbecue – Vacation Day 25 – I think the correct order was a Barbecue then some crafting.

Our Cornish hosts, Ann and Bob plus Lanie & Ginger

Vacation Day 5 – D-Day Celebrations and an Evening Meal – Gail organized a trip to the common to take part in some of the weekend’s D-Day celebrations. We enjoyed an afternoon of forties music, British food, sunshine and people watching. +7

A day out with friends of the family – Vacation Day 4 – Off to Dorset with Mick. I’ve known Mick and his parents since I was an infant, so that’s a long time. Leaving people behind is one of the hard things to live with when you emigrate. Which makes it all so much the better when we get a chance to meet up.

Remember cap’n John? Well, he’s gone and done it now and bought himself a twenty-seven-foot sailboat. I went with him to Stockton to take a look. Pretty cool she is too. 19 pictures

Beauty and the (out of focus) beast (365:106) – I had a self portrait planned for today. It involved putting the camera on the tripod, gathering the family, and taking a picture with Dash and Leslie. The plan was fine, the execution impossible, I was just too busy taking the wedding pictures to fit it in. I’m lucky I got one at all, as I took two shots and this is the fairly heavily edited best of the pair.

Bennett, Goring, Allman – I’m pretty sure this was the year Bob and Ann turned up unexpectedly.

Hadham Hall School, October 1968 – Today (March 11, 2021), spurred on by an email I recently received from another ‘old boy,’ I did a quick stitching job on the pictures. Unfortunately, neither Photoshop nor Lightroom’s auto stitch could merge the images, so I ended up doing so by hand. As the image is low res, and time is short, that was the extent of my repairs to the photograph.

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