Just before I stuck my head in the falls behind me (365:148) – Invigorating was one word for it. Three-minute read, +9

More fun in the workshop (365:095) – Today we are building a “batch-loaded, inverted downdraft gasifier” wood stove out of old tin cans. Two-minute read, +3

Trying out my new sleeping bag (365:094) – Technically speaking its a quilt and not a sleeping bag, however, the the net result is the same. I found a nice summer weight bag at 40% off retail price, hopefully it should be good for temperatures from 40°F up. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Snow? What snow? (365:085). I was most disappointed to find it didn’t snow in the night. Two-minute read

Trail shelter, Bluffs Trail, Meramec State Park (365:084) – I started the day with a monster hangover. Which, of course, was totally my own fault. I obviously ate far too much cheese. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Bluffs on the Meramec River at Meramec State Park, Missouri – I love my little Fuji Finepix F30 compact, it produces such ‘painterly’ pictures.

Camped at Berry Bend – Truman Lake. 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger Allman enjoying a campfire at Berry Bend Campground in November 2010

Berry Bend Campfire – We cheated on the fire. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time and energy gathering and cutting wood, so we bought some logs for $4 and I split them.

Gary and Ginger Allman at Truman Lake, Missouri, wildlife and lake watching

Camping at Berry Bend – This weekend we tried out our backpacking gear. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

Pre-Dawn at Table Rock Lake. We were up late watching the Perseids meteor shower, which we did by laying in the warm waters of Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

Still Waters – Waiting for the dawn on Table Rock Lake.

Color photograph of Red Bluff on Huzzah Creek, Davisville, Missouri

Red Bluff on Huzzah Creek, Davisville, Missouri – With Mick heading back to the UK, we had a couple of days leisure time before we had to collect the girls at St Louis.

Pines Overlook Campsite at night. Red Bluff Campgound, Davisville

1:1 ratio crop. Ginger enjoying the early evening view at the Pines Overlook campground, Davisville, Missouri

Ginger enjoying the view at Pines Overlook Campsite. +1

Whatever it takes – Taking a picture of the red bluffs. Huzzah Creek, Red Bluff Campground, Missouri. Picture by Mick Felton.

Huzzah Creek and Red Bluff, Red Bluff Campground, Missouri

Huzzah Creek and Red Bluff, Red Bluff Campground, Missouri. 2 pictures

Chrysler Town and Country Minivan packed full of car camping gear

Packing for car camping — we are organized! When we first started car camping we quickly discovered it paid to be a bit organized. Our first ever car camping trip included a diversion to buy a couple of camp chairs because we’d left ours at home in the garage.

Coleman Tent, Gazebo, and minivan at a campsite at Berryman Trail and Campground - Mark Twain National Forest

Independence Day camping 2010 at Berryman Trail and Campground 9 pictures

We decided to go camping and try out our new tent for the first time. The campsite we’d picked was fantastic. Five-minute read. +15

Photograph of two fishermen in a bass boat in silhouette at Sunrise on Table Rock Lake Missouri

Sunrise on Table Rock Lake. We were up early and ventured down to the lakeside to see the sunrise.

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