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Back at the Trailhead — Two nights, 18.5 miles, and 1400 ft. of elevation.

It took me a smidge under two hours to hike the four-and-something miles from ‘Cab Creek’ to the Tower Trailhead. At the Brushy Creek crossing I met two people hiking the trail counterclockwise. The only people I saw in my three days’ stay. One-minute read

Camped at ‘Cab Creek’ — Finally, the sun is high enough to start warming things up. I went and sat in the sun on the other side of ‘Cab Creek’ and enjoyed the morning. +3

Day Three – tea in bed at ‘Cab Creek’. Note the sun just rising above the edge of the hollow.

Rose Verbena (Rose Vervain) — Bit of a nothing picture. At the time, though, I’d just finished hiking through a section of dense trees, and the colors in the sudden patch of sunlight really popped.

I’ve taken pictures here before also, but, again, each time the light, the vegetation and the trail are different.

Fire ring by the trail. Look at all the flowers! You might think the trail goes straight on. It doesn’t it runs to the left of the fire ring.

Pilot Trail — I’ve taken pictures here before, but each time the light, the vegetation and the trail are different.

Sig Sauer P938 Extreme, Alien Gear Shape Shift Retention Holster, and a spare magazine — I could have sworn that magazine was full when I headed out.

Preparing and eating lunch — time to have some lunch before getting on the trail. And finally the sun has come out! +1

Packing away — It rained quite a lot last night and the drips were still falling from the trees, so I kept the tarp up while I packed everything away.

Lollygagging — it was quite cold early in the morning, I was glad I bought my big puffy jacket and some base layer pants to wear.

Once again camped at ‘Deep Hollow’ and it is summer tarp and bug net time. +1

Day Two — Starts with a lazy morning — and a morning cuppa! Two-minute read, +1

Here’s where I leave the Pilot Trail — Everything has gone green in the last few weeks. This is the point where the forest road I take to my ‘Deep Hollow’ campsite joins the Pilot Trail. Neither are that obvious from this viewpoint.

Trailside curiosities: ATV Tracks and a marker sign has been attached to a new tree. +1

This wasn’t my plan for the weekend. Day One — Gary at the Pole Hollow trail Junction. Orange hat because it is turkey hunting season. Two-minute read, +1

Hike over, obligatory end of hike selfie — Trip total, a very modest 10.5 miles and 1,000 ft. of elevation gain.

Icicles on the Mary Hollow Trail — not huge, but I’ll take it as a sign of how cold it has been.

McGarr Spring — looking a lot nicer in the sunshine. I filled up my water bottle before starting my hike out.

I’m in no rush … I don’t need to be home until this evening, and it’ll only take around two hours to hike back to the trailhead. I might as well relax for a while.

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