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I don’t often share my thoughts on things, but when I do this is where you’ll find them. Longer posts are about anything.

They are typically (but not always) longer than a four-minute read based on an average 200 word per minute reading rate, which is apparently the new norm, down from 300 wpm in the fifties.

A self portrait photograph of Gary Allman keeping warm in his hammock while winter camping. December 2022.

Journal: Four days on the Ridge Runner Trail & the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, December 2022 – Work has been keeping me off the trail for too long. I took three days of comp time to get out in the wild and put a few miles under my belt. I’ve been wanting to revisit the Ridge Runner Trail North Fork Loop ever since I first hiked the trail in May 2020. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +42

Three nights and four days relaxing by the lake in Piney Creek Wilderness. Except, someone had stolen the lake. It was very low. I’ve not been to my favorite campsite in over a year. It was well overdue a visit. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +42

Three days at Hercules Glades Wilderness. Trip write-up: Two-minute read, +10

Three nights at Hercules Glades Wilderness. Trip write-up: Three-minute read, +16

Journal: Three days hiking in Hercules Glades Wilderness, February 2022. Trip write-up: Three-minute read, +20

Journal: Gary & Ginger, a couple of nights at Hercules Glades, June 2021. Trip write-up: Five-minute read, +17

Three days on the North Fork Loop trail, Mark Twain National Forest, May 2021. Trip write-up: 15-minute read, +42

Three days on the Whites Creek Trail at Irish Wilderness. Trip write-up: 15-minute read, +64

Journal: Checking off all my unhiked trails in Piney Creek Wilderness, March 2021. A three-day backpacking trip to Piney Creek Wilderness. I hiked the last of my un-hiked official trails in this wilderness, I encountered more cat briars than a man ought to and enjoyed some downtime by the lake. Trip write-up: 15-minute read, +48

Journal: Searching for springs at Hercules Glades Wilderness, February 2021. Trip write-up: Five-minute read, +30

Journal: Last Backpacking trip of the year, December 2020 – I’m planning on staying out three nights, finding my way to Beaver Creek to the north of the bluffs, and hiking the only trail here that I haven’t hiked yet. Hercules Glades. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +42

Journal: Four days on the Berryman Trail, December 2020 – Looking for a different trail to hike, I decided to re-hike the Berryman Trail, which we hiked during Spring Break 2011. Trip write-up: 15-minute read, +44

There’s a break in the weather, and I can spend two-and-a-half days backpacking at Paddy Creek Wilderness. The forecast is for two good (but maybe cold) days before rain sets in.Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +44

Hiking out – Bushwhacking my way out wasn’t easy. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Three. One-minute read, 8 pictures

Once more unto the trails dear friends1 (three days in Piney Creek Wilderness) – Rain, thunder, a flooding lake, wading, and bushwhacking make for a different start to a weekend’s R&R. Piney Creek Wilderness. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +44

Journal: One night at Piney Creek Wilderness, May 2020 – This weekend it’s back to Piney Creek Wilderness. I plan to visit my favorite spot by Table Rock Lake. It’s predicted to be fairly cold overnight (34-36°F). Trip write-up: eight-minute read, +26

Wilderness Escape (again) – Two nights in Hercules Glades. A severe thunderstorm, wet and muddy trails, wonderful falls, a ghost from the past, some stupid mistakes and overall, a good time. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. +30

Two days ‘Self-Isolation’ in Hercules Glades Wilderness – We have been on COVID-19 lockdown since mid-march. The small ray of sunshine for us in Springfield is that we are allowed out to exercise, and liquor is considered an essential item. Backpacking is definitely exercising, so I decided to take a short break from what has been a very hectic couple of weeks, get some exercise, and enjoy some time out in the wild. Trip write-up: 10-minute read. +24

Journal: Two nights and a superb sunrise on the Bell Mountain Trail, February 2020 – Many years ago I read about hammock camping on Bell Mountain and the beautiful dawn vistas to be had looking out over Shut-in Creek. Ever since I read that article I’ve wanted to camp there and watch the dawn. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. 38 pictures.

February 2020, Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness – It was time for me to get out and clock up a few more miles. We first planned to visit Paddy Creek Wilderness in late December 2011, but with high winds in the forecast, we decided to go to Piney Creek instead. Somehow Paddy Creek Wilderness never featured in our plans after then. Now was a good time to put that right. Trip write-up: 24-minute read, +68

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