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British Passport (2018)

Rinse and Repeat. The shop assistant squealed, she’d never seen a passport before, let alone a British one … The UK and the US. It’s often said that they are two nations separated by a common language. After ten years living in the US I can confirm that it is still true. [Five-minute read. 1 picture.]

Kentuck Knob — Frank Lloyd Wright. Our last stop before heading back to Missouri was a visit to Kentuck Knob for another Frank Lloyd Wright fest. [12 pictures]

Fallingwater — as close as you can get. The public don’t have access to the place where the most iconic picture of Fallingwater was taken. We have to make do with a spot a couple of hundred yards away. [2 pictures]

Fallingwater — Not the usual angle [2 pictures]

Bear Run, Fayette County, Pennsylvania,

Bear Run – But what’s to be seen if you face the other way? [1 picture]

Photograph of Fallingwater. Bear Run, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, taken from the bridge over Bear Run.

Fallingwater — Frank Lloyd Wright. The view on the opposite side of the bridge over Bear Run [2 pictures]

Cold War Era Gallery of the National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton Ohio. [17 pictures]

WWII Gallery at the National Museum of the US Air Force. [17 pictures]

Photograph of Memphis Belle at the National Museum of the US Air Force. Dayton, Ohio.

Memphis Belle. The National Museum of the US Air Force. Dayton, Ohio. [3 pictures]

Early Years Gallery at the National Museum of the US Air Force. [14 pictures]

Morty – Workshop Cat. [2 pictures]

Valance – Three Studies in Light (Pretentious title) [4 pictures]

Anticrepuscular Rays. [1 picture]

Unrequited Joy. Once again, photographically, ‘Sappho’ and ‘The Bubble’ stole the show. [3 pictures]

Crystal Bridges’ Art. I took pictures of some of the pieces when we were here last year. Here are some others that caught my eye this time. [5 pictures]

Crystal Bridges Architecture [6 pictures]

Bachman-Wilson House (Frank Lloyd Wright). [2 pictures]

St. Johns – Stained Glass Window. 8 am Service. [1 picture]

Home from Home. It’s been a busy few weeks. [4 pictures]

Cross by Lake Kanuga. [2 pictures]

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden.

Kanuga Campus Pictures. [11 Pictures]

Langstone Harbour – Lock entrance wall. [2 pictures]

Office building with blue windows and a blue sky. E 13th. Kansas City

Walking back to the office from the Power & Light Stage I couldn’t stop myself taking this picture. Kansas City Power & Light District. E 13th.

A day hike on the Busiek Orange and White trails. [20 Pictures]

Picture showing empty roads in the Ozarks

UK friends and family seeing this might begin to get an idea of why I don’t like driving in the UK. 100 miles of driving and this is about as busy as it gets. After all the upgrades I’ve had recently, this vehicle was about as basic as they get. It didn’t even have a …

Driving in Traffic in the Ozarks Read More »

SR71 Blackbird. [2 pictures]

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White [34 Pictures]

Weston-Super-Mare Sunset – Vacation Day 2.

Weston-Super-Mare From Our Hotel – Vacation Day 2.

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