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Hercules Glades Backpacking in November

At The End Of The Hike

Dry Falls – Panorama

Dry Falls

Twin Trunks

Woods Fork – Panorama

Woods Fork – Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Kanuga Hiking Selfies

Kanuga’s Trails

Lake Kanuga

Day Hike on the Busiek Yellow Trail

Woods Fork, Busiek

Creek Crossing

Snack Break

Crossing Woods Fork


Easy Hiking

Trail Closed

Dropping Down towards Woods Fork

Edge – Getting near the glades on the Busiek Red / Yellow Trail

Spring Daffodils – Carter Family Cemetery – Busiek Red / Yellow Trail.

Overlooking Woods Fork

About to Descend

Gnarly Tree

The Unknown Joys of Cartography

Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip (and a New Tripod)

Gary Field Testing The Peak Design Capture Pro

Gary & Ginger on the Silver Trail at Busiek

Beginning of the Hike

Busiek Orange Trail

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