Bell Mountain Wilderness

Journal: Two nights and a superb sunrise on the Bell Mountain Trail, February 2020 – Many years ago I read about hammock camping on Bell Mountain and the beautiful dawn vistas to be had looking out over Shut-in Creek. Ever since I read that article I’ve wanted to camp there and watch the dawn. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. 38 pictures.

Ozarks Horizon. Bell Mountain – Day Two..

Cooking a late lunch. Bell Mountain – Day One. Because of the rain, I decided not to make lunch on the trail and had a combined lunch and dinner after I’d set up camp.

The view from my hammock – There are dozens of fire rings here, but I had the mountain top to myself.

Tarp up in case it rains (again). Bell Mountain – Day One.

Bell Mountain. View to the east. Bell Mountain – Day One.

Bell Mountain. View to the northeast – Bell Mountain – Day One.

Mr. Grumpy Goes Hiking – there was a picture of me smiling, but for some reason it was out of focus. Here I am at the top of Bell Mountain (it’s a big hill really) with the view to the east across Shut-in Creek, 500ft below me. Bell Mountain – Day One.

Sun on hail – when the sun came out it lit up the hail and the water droplets in the trees. Bell Mountain – Day One.

Hail storm on the trail – I was expecting rain, but not hail. That’s the second time my rain gear has been tested recently. Bell Mountain – Day One.

Starting out on the Bell Mountain Trail – This wasn’t my first hike of the Bell Mountain Trail. We backpacked here during Spring Break 2012, again staying two nights. Then we’d gone around the loop counter-clockwise. This time I’d be going the opposite way around. 3 pictures

Bell Mountain North Trailhead Parking Lot. Bell Mountain – Day One. 3 pictures

Journal: two nights at Bell Mountain Wilderness, March 2012 – Eager to find a new sort of ground to cover, we turned our attention to the St. Francois Mountain area, and Bell Mountain in particular for our Spring Break trip. Post by Ginger. Trip write-up: Five-minute read, 22 pictures

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