Everything backpacking: our gear, trip write-ups, and individual pictures.

Ginger spotted this picture which worked very well. We probably should’ve put more water in the Platy.

Pool below Long Creek Falls.

Gary and Lanie tending the campfire – Photo by Ginger.

Stock Pond by the Devil’s Den West Trail.

Teenage Girl crossing Long Creek at Hercules Glades -

Taking advantage of a long weekend, we took Lanie with us on a three-day backpacking trip to Hercules Glades. 15 pictures

Cooling off in a pool on Woods Fork – Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. Birthday solo backpacking for a couple of days at Busiek.

gary Allman in the Mark Twain National Forest at Piney Creek Wilderness Missouri.

Do You Know Pete Best? — A chance meeting with locals looking for directions on a remote Ozarks farm road. Two-minute read

It was hot and record temperatures were predicted. So, after filtering enough water to last us our hike back to the trailhead I decided that I’d lie in the creek a while and get soaked before we started climbing the 600+ feet out of the wilderness. +1

Sunshine on Table Rock Lake, seen from Piney Creek Wilderness

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness. 3 pictures

Journal: two nights at Bell Mountain Wilderness, March 2012 – Eager to find a new sort of ground to cover, we turned our attention to the St. Francois Mountain area, and Bell Mountain in particular for our Spring Break trip. Post by Ginger. Trip write-up: Five-minute read, 22 pictures

Penultimate campfire of 2011 (365:364) – We were in two minds as to where to go backpacking this weekend. Piney Creek Wilderness, or the similarly sounding Paddy Creek Wilderness… Two-minute read

Gary and Ginger’s Christmas present (356:360).

Gary on Hawksbill Crag (Whittaker Point), Arkansas (365:287). One-minute read, 11 pictures

Backpacking gear (365:286) – I’ve got a busy seven days ahead. Tomorrow I’m off backpacking with a couple of friends. Should be good; I’ve no idea where we’re going – somewhere on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. We’ll be back Saturday, and then on Sunday, I’ll be off at 7.30 am to Chicago with Tom to help clear a house and haul some stuff back to Springfield.

At the end of the hike (365:182) – UK June 2011 – Day 17. It was a long hike. Two-minute read, +10

Gary and Ginger at the saddle of Lairig Gartain (365:181) – UK June 2011 – Day 16. The plan was to drive to Glen Coe and Backpack up into the Lost valley.

Waking up (365:150) – For once we didn’t hang around too long drinking coffee and eating breakfast, though it was still ten am before we were back on the trail. Two-minute read, 7 pictures

Lunch by the bluffs on Long Creek (365:149). Two-minute read, 8 pictures

Just before I stuck my head in the falls behind me (365:148) – Invigorating was one word for it. Three-minute read, +9

Off backpacking for the weekend (365:147). Two-minute read

Bull Shoals Lake – Normal Pool Elevation 654′ (365:146) – Currently the elevation is 696′. That’s a foot over its fully flooded design capacity. One-minute read

Tonight I was working on the design of my next backpacking wood burner. Today after posting a couple of pictures I sat down at my desk and got on with some (paid) work for a change. My efforts were put on hold while Ginger’s parents came visiting, and again for the afternoon school run. By …

Drawing (365:122) Read More »

Batch-loaded, inverted down-draft gassifier wood stove (365:105) – I spent some more time in the workshop today. One-minute read

More fun in the workshop (365:095) – Today we are building a “batch-loaded, inverted downdraft gasifier” wood stove out of old tin cans. Two-minute read, +3

Trying out my new sleeping bag (365:094) – Technically speaking its a quilt and not a sleeping bag, however, the the net result is the same. I found a nice summer weight bag at 40% off retail price, hopefully it should be good for temperatures from 40°F up. One-minute read, 2 pictures

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