Everything backpacking: our gear, trip write-ups, and individual pictures.

Farm Road 2185 – It seemed a very long 2.6-mile hike from the Siloam Spring Trail trailhead to the start of the Woods Trail, one of my last unhiked trails in Piney Creek Wilderness. +1

I’ve been here before – This is where the trail down to Siloam Spring joins the farm road. I didn’t have anyone to take my picture this time, and the lack of leaves to block the sun is making me squinty. Well, that’s my excuse. +1

At the Siloam Spring Trail trailhead – That’s the Siloam Spring Trail checked-off on my list. We’ve been here before. You’ve guessed it, June 2012. One-minute read

Climbing up the ridge – Despite knowing the climb was going to be hard for this out-of-condition aging Brit, I was still surprised at how hard it was. I’m not going out hiking often enough to keep my condition up. One-minute read, +2

Lunch break on the Siloam Spring Trail and plans for my trip – Despite a late start, I decided to stop and have a hot lunch (noodles) along with some tuna. I arrived at the trailhead shortly after 1 p.m. so I was happy with my progress. One-minute read

Prepare to Descend – This is one of two very steep sections on the Tower Trail and one of the steepest sections in the wilderness. +1

Packed ready for a four-day trip – Except there has been a change of plan, now it’s only going to be three days. +2

Gear Test – Sealskinz waterproof socks. Wet shoes, dry feet – Waterproof sock, and they worked. Now I have a footwear solution for snowy trails. It’s just a shame I didn’t get these before it snowed. One-minute read, +1

Gary on the hike back – All I really need to say about the hike out is that it rained. A lot. +2

All that remains – is a dry patch.

Three Springs – These three springs are all within thirty feet of each other. It’s fascinating to me to be able to watch water appear out of the ground. This is what I’m looking for, secure water sources in this part of the wilderness. +2

‘Spring Hollow’ – I spent some time exploring the hollow.

Looking down ‘Spring Hollow.’

Heating Water for breakfast. +2

Spot my camp – I hadn’t realized that I had camped in sight of the forest road. +1

Old forest road – notice how wet and green it is. No wonder I found several springs near here.

Rainy day – and it had been a rainy night, the night before.

A break in the clouds.

Sunshine on a rainy morning – This is another deliberate stereo pair. The break in the rain was brief but long enough for me to get some pictures and do some exploring. +1

Camped above ‘Spring Hollow’ – The discovery of several springs near here decided me on my name for this hollow. It needs a name, as I’ll be back. +1

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