Breakfast in America

Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes


My 2018 Top 100 on Spotify

My 2018 Top 100 on Spotify; it’s a tad eclectic. Brit Pop, Bluegrass, College Rock, Electro Pop, Folk, Jazz, Prog Rock, and Soul.

Rinse and Repeat

Late Night Cleaning and Polishing

Ten Years On: Happy To Be Here

“In the town where I was born …”

Connections and Degrees of Separation

The Power of Mnemonics

Jim’s Pickup – Black and white

Calm Center (Three)

Do You Know Pete Best?

Do You Know Pete Best? — A chance meeting with locals looking for directions on a remote Ozarks farm road. [Two-minute read and 1 picture]

Meet my old friend Penfold

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