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Please note this site no longer uses the Pinboard theme as it was getting too difficult to edit the code to make my child template look the way I wanted. Support from the theme’s author also seems to be slowing down (which is fair enough, Pinboard is free, but I need to get my child template completed.) I also found the code to be quite difficult to follow. Especially when, as far as I could determine, the masonry post layout javascript will only work when template files have specific filenames.

I recommend using the Baskerville Theme (also free) and I’m finding the code a lot more logical and amenable to edit to produce a nice looking child theme.

However as of WP 5.0.3 I’ve switched to the paid version of Astra. With Astra I’ve been able to reproduce my previous layout (Baskerville) with almost no code changes and minimal CSS changes. Quite impressive, but Astra does have a fairly steep learning curve.

Gary, July 25, 2015.

[Last updated January 22, 2019]


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