Winter Camping

Frosty Morning at Paddy Creek Wilderness – Eight o’clock and the sun hasn’t reach my hammock yet. Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Two. +2

It was a tad chilly out last night – I was nice and cozy though. Too hot at one point. The night’s low was 26°F. Colder than forecast, but not unexpected.

Sunset and ripples – Sunset at the North Fork River.

The setting sun bathes the world in pink.

Breakfast, and time to hit the trail. 3 pictures

Day Two – Sunrise near Mary Hollow.

Icicles. 3 pictures

Time to have breakfast, then pack up and go. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Sunrise on Day Three.

Good morning! To get up or not to get up? Now that’s a question when it is cold out.

Day Three – view from my hammock.

Camped by Table Rock Lake – The astute will notice that this is not my regular camping spot by the lake. The reason is quite simple; some expletive deleted hunter decided that a good place to leave the carcass of a deer they’d dressed would be right by the fire ring of my usual camping spot. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Early morning sunshine. 2 pictures

Sunlight brushing the tops of the hills – the start of Day Two at Piney Creek Wilderness.

Frosty Morning – The predicted overnight temperatures were 30°F. It dropped to 21°F. Fortunately, I’d anticipated this and I was nice and warm in my hammock.

Winter twilight on the lake.

Gary by Table Rock Lake. 2 pictures

More Creek Crossings. 4 pictures

Piney Creek Trail – This trail can get a little ‘brushy’. In the summer it is almost impassable. For added fun there are lots of cat briars to get scratched by and snagged on.

My home from home – Tucked up on the side of a hollow to keep out of the wind. 2 pictures

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