Wilderness Trash

Please don’t do this. If you can pack it in, you can pack it out.

Looking west towards Piney Creek – Exploring east along the northern shore of the arm of the lake, I found that two of the ‘hunting’ camps I’d discovered here in 2018 had either been dismantled and removed or had fallen apart and been consumed by the undergrowth. One-minute read, +5

Leave no trace – How NOT to camp in the Wilderness. Got your own land? Go for it, cut down trees, and make as much mess as you like. Public land? Leave no trace, Let’s not trash the wilderness. One-minute read, +3

Photograph of the Piney Creek Arm of Table Rock Lake, Piney Creek Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest

Three Days Summer Backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness. I decided to take on my aversion to summer backpacking, face the heat, and see if I could get some wilderness rest and recuperation. Trip write-up: Eight-minute read. 49 pictures

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