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Can’t Wait for Friday … The forecast says it’ll be 59°.

One of the very first photographs I took when I bought my first digital camera. I’ve always liked this image, when I decided to re-visit the picture I also produced this black and white version. Fawley Oil Refinery, Southampton Water, Hampshire, UK.

Overnight is snowed 6″-9″ and Church has been cancelled so we’re having a quiet snow day. Lanie made breakfast, and I popped out very briefly to take an obligatory snow picture.

Snow on the street in Springfield Missouri - January 2, 2014

It’s looking pretty out the front today. First school day of 2014 and we had an inch or so of snow overnight. Looks nice but it’s jolly cold.

Ginger's Blue Bottle Tree in the snow

Snow – It’s been snowing so Ginger sent me out to take pictures of the Bottle Trees. 7 pictures

I know the weather in the Ozarks can be variable, but…

There’s a cold front on it’s way and according to the OEM Extended outlook:

There is a 50 degree difference between the warm and cold sides of the front. The slow moving front is projected to make it to US 65 by sunrise Wednesday (04-10-13) morning.

Of course as Ginger points out, that’s the temps up in the clouds. It’s still a big difference though!

Storm Clearing. Not long after we’d set up camp at Big Bay Campground on Table Rock Lake some storms rolled in.

Smoke, No Mirrors – Reprise – One of the early photographs I took when I bought my first digital camera.

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