Visiting Jim and Carol

Our far too infrequent trips down to Ozark County to see Jim and Carol.

Family Day – Spent with Carol & Jim to celebrate Lanie’s Graduation. Katie was also with us but unfortunately, she left before we decided to take a picture.

Morty – Workshop Cat. 2 pictures

Valance – Three Studies in Light (Pretentious title). 4 pictures

Twisted – Jim Davis.

Rose – Jim Davis.

Katydid for Katy O – Jim created this for our friend Katie in Pennsylvania. We’ll be delivering it in a couple of weeks when we go visit.

Ivory – Jim Davis.

Photograph of an Ozarks farm field

‘The Field’ – I asked Ginger what this field on her parent’s farm was called. Her answer? “Dunno, ‘The field?'”

Black and white photograph of an anvil

A little bit of black and white workshop photography. I love visiting Jim’s workshop, there’s always some new project going on and lots of things to see. 3 pictures

Weekend with Ginger’s Parents – Ginger’s parents have been asking us to come down and visit for ages. For some reason things always seemed to be getting in the way and our weekends haven’t been clear. Two-minute read, 12 pictures

An afternoon with Carol and Jim (365:331) – Today we collected Lanie from her Grandparents. Katie came too, the price I had to pay was a white knuckle ride in the co-pilot’s seat while Katie drove us through country roads. 4 pictures

Gary and Lanie down by the creek (365:295) – Today we relaxed at Ginger’s parents. I relaxed so much I spent a good part of the afternoon fast asleep sitting on the porch of the guest house. 5 pictures

Family cookout (365:294) – Tonight we’re camping at Ginger’s parents.

Gary and CD (365:017) – Today we went to Ginger’s parents to pick up Lanie. 7 pictures

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