I caught myself using the dreadful American pronunciation of the word herb tonight – ‘erb.

Today I received my new driving license

Today I received my new driving license.

Goods and Chattels

Goods and Chattels – Today has been a day of unpacking. After two and a half months of waiting for my stuff finally arrived. Twenty four boxes and one desk. Eleven of the boxes contained just books. The remainder held personal papers, clothes, my computer, CDs DVDs and my speakers. One-minute read, 2 pictures


Stored – Today we finally got round to putting my empty suitcases away in the shed. A simple job with a profound meaning.

The last lap (part two)

The last lap (Part Two) – Ginger, Katie and Lanie were at the airport to meet me when I arrived at Springfield. One-minute read

The last lap

The last lap (Part One) – It is nine fifty-five pm in the UK and three fifty-five pm in Dallas. I got up at four am this morning to travel to Heathrow with Ian and Robert. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Missouri Angel

Missouri Angel – Oh how I chuckled when I found this place, it’s opposite the office block where I worked in 2000, in America Square. The fact that I discovered this bar on the day my American K1 Visa interview was held and approved at the American Embassy is quite auspicious.

US Visa Application Forms (K1)

US Visa Application Forms (K1) – Today I completed all my visa application forms, made loads of copies, and posted it all off. Now all I’m waiting for is the date for my US Embassy interview. One-minute read

A typical example…
…of why everything takes so damned long.


Resignation – I have to give three months’ notice at work. So linking the end of my employment to having my US Visa is a nightmare. One-minute read

Plans are afoot

Plans are afoot – With the possibility of the Visa being approved any day more and more likely we’ve been turning our thoughts to fixing a few dates. Two-minute read

US visa time-line

US visa time-line – Right now the immigration dept is processing the I-129F, which merely evaluates if this is a valid case and if Ginger is truly a citizen. If they don’t need more information and things go smoothly, and this is processed at the current rate, we will get this approved approximately August 15 to September 1. One-minute read

Now we’re officially engaged, that puts the seal on things, and today we posted the huge pile of papers that makes up my visa application. With current processing times we’re looking at my having my embassy interview sometime in November.

k1 Visa

k1 Visa – After a lot of debate, we are going to file for the K1 Visa. Essentially the immigration choices are … Two-minute read