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UK 2017

In April my eldest son got married. So even though we were only ‘over here’ a year ago, it was back to the UK for us. This time because of work constraints – Easter before, and a couple of big events at the start of May, we only stayed a couple of weeks. As it turned out I managed to spend a lot of the time working, so we didn’t get to travel around at all. However, we did fit in a couple of day trips and some time with friends.

Langstone Harbour – Lock entrance wall. [2 pictures]

Black and White photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Davis Allman sitting on a bench at Milton Locks, overlooking Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, UK.

We visit a place laden with memories for me and recreate a picture from ten years ago. [4 pictures]

Vacation Days 3-5 – Working. All I had to do was create the artwork and then upload it all to the printer’s website — That was before we rented two weeks display time on an electronic billboard.

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

Park and Ride bus by Victoria Park, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

Photograph of St. John's Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth, UK

Vacation Day 2

Photograph of the former Zurich Building in Portsmouth UK

The Former Zurich Building, Portsmouth UK. [1 picture]

Photograph of the playground at Victoria park, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 2 – A stroll through Victoria Park. The lighting under the trees was very surreal – calming and peaceful. I failed to capture it.

Photograph of the The Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth Guildhall Square, Portsmouth UK

The Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth Guildhall Square.

Photograph of Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth UK

Portsmouth Guildhall & Guildhall Square. [5 pictures]

Gear shift lever on a manual transmission vehicle

Vacation Day 2 – Sleep, rent a vehicle, and go buy some essentials for our stay. I booked our rental online. I was trying to use my reward points but something went wrong and I had to restart the booking process. Somehow I managed to get switched between the US and the UK website. When …

Bit Of A Cock-up On The Car Rental Front Read More »

Black and white photograph of Southsea Beach, UK

Southsea Beach. Once back in Portsmouth we took a short nap. We then decided that a visit to the beach was in order, and somehow that led to a pint of beer. [5 pictures]

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