UK 2016

In 2016 my sister got married, so we headed over to the UK and spent a month there. Ginger had a lot of work meetings, and we fitted in a small amount of hiking, not forgetting the wedding of course!

Weston-Super-Mare From Our Hotel – Vacation Day 2.

Portsmouth From Fort Widley – A cold wet and windy Tuesday evening. 2 pictures

Welcome Home – Vacation Day 1, Pork Pie

Tonight I must sleep, for tomorrow may bring … Pork Pies !!!!!

Photograph of Gary and Ginger Allman on board an American Airways 'plane bound for London Heathrow.

We’re On Our Way to England – And we’ll be staying a month. It’s going to be busy as Ginger has a lot of work lined up. We’ll be traveling a lot, and I plan to get in some hiking, we’ll see how that goes. 2 pictures

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