UK 2011

This picture appeared in print on the cover of a camping brochure and on the Tiso website as an advertisement.

On the flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Springfield (365:196). UK June 2011 – Day 31. It was a long day. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Ginger and Gary on the beach (365:195) – UK June 2011 – Day 30. Out of focus? Possibly, but if it is, tough. Two-minute read

Oh dear! (365:194) – UK June 2011 – Day 29. What a truly appalling picture. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Photo-lethargy strikes yet again (365:193) – UK June 2011 – Day 28. Yet more curry! We spent the day buying gifts and stuff to take back with us – including a trip to Gilbert’s sweet shop, which someone had told me, erroneously as it transpired, had closed. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Late at night sitting on my brother’s kitchen floor (365:191) – UK June 2011 – Day 26. Last week we were Scottish Episcopalians, this week we reverted to CofE, and made a final visit to St Margaret’s. Where (if you’ve been paying attention) I was Christened, as were my two sons, and my brother. I and my brother got married there, and both my parents’ funerals were held there. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

A full day's driving, a walk on the beach, beer and fish and chips take their toll

A full day’s driving, a walk on the beach, beer and fish and chips take their toll – UK June 2011 – Day 24. Destination – the chalk cliffs of Hunstanton. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

A photograph in which I appear to have a foot protruding from the back of my head. The foot does not belong to me. (365:188) – UK June 2011 – Day 23. The presence of said foot probably explains the stupid grin I have. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant – Berwick-Upon-Tweed (365:187) – UK June 2011 – Day 22. Today we said goodbye to Scotland and headed South. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger in the tent camped beside Loch Rannoch (365:186) – UK June 2011 – Day 21. The plan was to go backpacking in the Cairngorms. One-minute read

Enjoying the scenery by Loch Bad a’Ghaill – UK June 2011 – Day 20. Today I met an old friend, it was the first time we’d seen each other in nearly forty years. Russell and I had said our goodbyes back when we left school in July 1972, exchanged a couple of letters and then lost contact. Thanks to the joys of the Internet we’d got back in touch about a year or so ago; he and his wife Chris have a bed and breakfast in Scotland; our planned destination for the day. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Looking out over Gruinard Bay, Scotland (365:184) – UK June 2011 – Day 19. This might have been my favorite photo of the entire holiday,but the autofocus didn’t work properly so it’s a bit blurred. Two-minute read, 12 pictures

View to the East across Gruinard Bay.

At the end of the hike (365:182) – UK June 2011 – Day 17. It was a long hike. Two-minute read, +10

Gary and Ginger at the saddle of Lairig Gartain (365:181) – UK June 2011 – Day 16. The plan was to drive to Glen Coe and Backpack up into the Lost valley.

Larchwood path. 4 pictures

keith, Gary and Ginger on Dumyat, Stirling, Scotland (365:179) – UK June 2011 – Day 14. Time to get some hiking in again

View from the near the road near Largs Scotland across the Firth of Clyde twoards Great Cumrae and Bute. Color Photograph

Looking Towards the Islands – Looking across the Firth of Clyde towards Great Cumbrae and Bute. Taken from near Largs, Scotland.

On the beach near West Kilbride (365:178) – UK June 2011 – Day 13. Today we had a longish drive, by UK standards anyway. Birmingham to Cumbernauld (North East of Glasgow).

UK June 2011 – Day 9. A trip out to visit family. 10 pictures

Rest day (365:173) – UK June 2011 – Day 8. Today we didn’t do a lot.

Gary and Ginger at the Tate Modern (365:172).

Encased staircase with Floor 4 marking at the Tate Modern, London UK

Floor 4 – Tate Modern.

Visitors to the Tate Modern (London UK) study a huge pile of porcelain sunflower seeds

Porcelain Sunflower Seeds – Ai Weiwei – I wish I’d been able to see the full installation.2 pictures

Dinner with Robert and Mel (365:171) 6 pictures

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