Tubby, aka Rotters, Rot-Row, Tub-meister, pokey paws, and irritant. Somehow despite all the odds, he became the last man standing of our four cats. It’s very surprising as he has high blood pressure, for which he takes pills; he has asthma, for which he has an inhaler twice daily; plus he’s blind and pretty much deaf.

Photograph of three cats sitting on a desk.

The Perils of a Home Office – Sometimes it gets a little busy at my desk. It is also difficult to keep one’s desk tidy when there is someone sleeping on the papers most of the time.

Ever since Tubby was introduced to cat videos on YouTube he has become obsessed with screens and anything vaguely screen shaped. This is not always conducive to my work. He sits on my desk for ages staring at the screen following the mouse pointer.

Cats Watching TV – We’ve created a monster. Tubby now thinks any rectangular object is fair game to stare at. Picture frames for example. He also sits next to our monitors waiting for something to move. Worse he sits right in the middle of the screen while we are watching movies and shows on Netflix.

Lanie fell asleep on our bed while cuddling Tubby – It seems a certain young lady is rather tired.

Tubby finds a use for Getzger’s ‘Udder’ – I’ve said it before. The cats are an endless source of amusement.

Pre-shoot equipment test, and I asked Ginger to be my stand-in model… 5 pictures

Gary, Tubby and Sprinky (365:344) – Half past eleven and I’m still at my desk.

Tubby (365:302) – Look closely at his eyes. Tubby is a Burmese cat of many names: Rotters, Rot-row, Tubster, Tubmeister, Irritant, and Pokey Paws. I suspect he is harboring an ambition to get his paws on an Uzi 9mm and get his revenge on us.

Gary and Tubby (365:238). 3 pictures

Morning rituals (365:042) – I think we need a bigger bed. Two-minute read, 4 pictures

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