New Parking Lot for the Big Piney Trail at Roby Lake. Big surprise, our car is the only one parked here. +1

Hike over, back at the new registration point. There’s a new parking lot, and they’ve moved the trailhead so it is on the parking lot. 18 miles hiked and 1500 ft of elevation climbed.

Another evening, another trailhead — I am at County Road CC Trailhead in Ozark County to be precise. I have a couple of hours before it gets dark to get to my planned campsite and set up camp for the night. That shouldn’t be a problem as I’m only going a mile or so.

End of trip selfie – and a summary of the trip. Three-minute read, +4

State Highway CC Trailhead, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri. +2

McGarr Ridge Trailhead, Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri – Approaching the McGarr Ridge Trailhead. Almost at the end of my hike. +2

It’s always good to see the car where I left it.

Back at the trailhead – Trip over, and a modest 19.15 miles hiked and 2,000 ft. of elevation climbed. Time for a shower and a beard trim! And, of course, some end of trip thoughts. Two-minute read

Day Four – End of hike selfie – All in all, a brilliant trip, with lots of journaling, swimming and relaxing watching the lake. You can’t beat that. One-minute read

Parking lot at Camp Five Pond, Irish Wilderness, Missouri. +2

Tomfoolery at the trailhead. +2

Gary and the tower at the Pineview Trailhead – Trip over, 14.5 miles hiked, 1,300 ft. climbed, and some downtime by the lake. Just what the Dr. ordered. Now for more of what the Dr. ordered. My COVID-19 vaccination. +1, and three maps

Hike over, back at the trailhead – That’s my hike over, and it’s just before 4:15 p.m. Not bad, and still daylight. I should be home by 5:45 p.m. I completed today’s hike of six-plus miles in a little over three hours. I’ll take that.

Arrived – Parked at the Berryman Campground/Trailhead, ready to start a leisurely four-day 27-mile hike of the Berryman Trail.

Bell Mountain North Trailhead Parking Lot. Bell Mountain – Day One. 3 pictures

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