Trail Sign

Found it! The lost trail junction — At last, I have found the elusive point where the Ridge Runner Trail joins the North Fork Loop. And here there are very faint signs of the Ridge Runner Trail I’ve been hunting for over a year.

McGarr Ridge Trailhead, Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri – Approaching the McGarr Ridge Trailhead. Almost at the end of my hike. +2

Back to the start and some notes – From here there is just a short thirty-minute hike, south, down the Ozark Trail to get back to the trailhead. That’s it, trip over, though there’s still the two-hour drive home to complete.

Ozark Trail, trailblaze.

Whites Creek Trail completed – now just to hike the short spur trail back to the parking lot.

Looking back down the trail – the trail turns up the hill here (you can just about make it out in this picture). Most people (including me) appear to miss this. The trail marker is not particularly helpful either.

Back on the Whites Creek Trail – Whites Creek Float Camp spur trail (branching right in the foreground). Time to head back to the trailhead, seven and-a-half miles of hiking and lots of rain in my future.

Irish Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest – I’ve been planing this trip for a while. One-minute read

The Berryman Trail (Counter Clockwise).

Not A Trail – This trip I’m planning on taking a trail I’ve never hiked before, I’ve already hiked this ‘Not a Trail.’

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