Thornfield 01-08-2022

Jim in the workshop. +1

Damascus steel knife – Jim tried his hand at making a Damascus steel knife blade.

Brass canon – Yes, it works! +1

In a corner of the workshop.


Looking out – past the forge.

New and Old – New welding visors and old posters.

Rasp snake.

Jim’s workshop – well, a large bit of it. You can’t see the anvils, forge, and lots of other tools that are behind me

Table. The legs are steel, not wood. It’s very heavy!

Old Tools. Detail from inside the tool chest.

Tool chest in the workshop.

Globe Lamp – sculpture by Jim Davis.

Butterfly – Mild steel and copper sculpture by Jim Davis. +1

On the workshop wall … A baby elephant, fish lamp, and lots of other goodies. +2

Sunflower – Mild steel sculpture by Jim Davis.

Afternoon in the garden – Mild steel sculpture by Jim Davis.

Ozarks Mule – Mild steel sculpture by Jim Davis.

Weekend target practice – There were two “must dos” this weekend. Take some pictures of Jim’s art, and put at least 50 rounds through my Sig P938.

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