The Cab

What is it with old truck cabs in the woods? I’ve no idea what sort of truck this was, and there was no sign of the chassis, engine, or drive-train anywhere around. +1

Gary by the cab on the Pees Hollow Trail (October 2020) – A detour along the Pees Hollow Trail, lunch by ‘Cab Creek’ and another ‘Cab Selfie’ One-minute read

Selfie with the Cab – It looked like someone had been doing some close range target practice. Day Two, Hercules Glades, Pees Hollow Trail.

At the Cab – A quick selfie with the cab as I start the final lap of my trip.

Gary and the Truck Cab on the Pees Hollow Trail – Photo by Ginger. +2

This truck cab is a bit of a landmark on the trail – it’s just to the south of a spring – so there is water nearby. There is also a fire ring close by.

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