Table Rock Lake

Twilight at PIney Creek Wilderness.

Day Three – Enjoying the last of the sun – With the sun already set on the other side of the lake, the foreground really pops in this picture. +1

Resting spot in the sun.

Mountain House Southwest Breakfast Skillet and a cup of tea (PG Tips), enjoyed against the backdrop of the lake.

Pelicans at the end of the day – And that low line of bluffs in the distance is where I went swimming today, and intend to spend a good part of my day tomorrow.

A screen of trees. They let me see out, and stop people from seeing my campsite.

Meanwhile back at camp – The last time I was here these trees were in the water. +1

Looking west towards Piney Creek – Exploring east along the northern shore of the arm of the lake, I found that two of the ‘hunting’ camps I’d discovered here in 2018 had either been dismantled and removed or had fallen apart and been consumed by the undergrowth. One-minute read, +5

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness, looking east. The lake is usually at the top of these bluffs. Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022.

The lake was low, very low. Looking to the southwest, with Buck Hollow opposite. Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022. +1

Cloud formations – Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022.

Three nights and four days relaxing by the lake in Piney Creek Wilderness. Except, someone had stolen the lake. It was very low. I’ve not been to my favorite campsite in over a year. It was well overdue a visit. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +42

Lifting mist at Piney Creek – Complete with a heron.

Mist on Table Rock Lake.

Through the veil – looking across the lake, the mist was lifting.

View from the lake.

Fun and frolics at the lake – The lake was warm, almost bath temperature. I didn’t bother to count how many times I took a dip. It was a lot. Slideshow: +5

Enjoying the view – between interludes of journaling and swimming. I even completed some camp chores.

Day Two – Piney Creek lakeside vistas. I never tire of the play of light on the trees here. +2

First glimpse of the lake – but not my first encounter. I checked the lake level before I left, and it was five feet above standard pool. When I was here this time last year, I think it was eleven feet above pool. Anyway, the lake was high enough to have covered the trail in places on the way in. One-minute read

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