Still Life

Ginger recently undertook a project to make a vessel a day for 100 days. Most days a new vessel of some sort would appear on my desk. The vases came with flowers, and the pots came with small plants. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Frost melting in the early morning sunshine.

Salt and Pepper Shakers – Part of Ginger’s blue glass collection.

Blue Bowl (Black and White) – This is the picture that I wanted to get, and the image is ‘straight out of camera’. One-minute read

Blue Bowl – This is as near to straight out of camera as I can get without re-processing the image in the camera.

Dish – I like its rustic charm. That’s all I have to say about that.

Color photograph of paper napkins in a holder on a wooden kitchen table

Paper Napkins – Earlier today the light on the kitchen table caught my eye,and I wanted to take a picture but I was too busy. Fortunately the sky has been heavily overcast all day, when I stopped for lunch it was still looking good and I grabbed a few pictures.

Black and white photograph of a glass flower frog - abstract image

Flower Frog – I had not heard of the term ‘Flower frog’ until a few weeks ago when one was suggested by Ginger as a good way to store / hold / display fountain pens.

Mirror Ball – I took this picture of one of the mirror balls I used to construct the garden mobile when I was testing my new Fuji Finepix camera. The colours of the Virginia Creeper in the background are wonderful. One-minute read, 3 pictures

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