Stereo image

Whites Creek Crossing. Apparently, this is where I should have crossed. (Stereo image). +2

Spring water, Whites Creek. And in a few minutes I’ll be climbing the hill on the other side of the creek. +2

Spot the trail … (Stereo image). +1

View from the Cedar Trail, Hercules Glades Wilderness (Stereo image). +1

On The Devil’s Den East (Upper Pilot) Trail – The fall light is wonderful. However, I need a blaze orange cap or a blaze orange hatband, because the low angle of the light makes it impossible to see where I’m going at times. Plus a bonus stereo image version! +1

Mores Branch – Hercules Glades Wilderness – From the map, I could see it was under a mile of bushwhacking to get to Mores Branch. The hollow is steep but there was a point where a ravine ran into the hollow that looked like it would offer a good way down. +2

The view from my chair – Stereo image.

Stereo Image – Just Trees – It’s difficult to see the trees for the woods in a normal forest photograph, you need your full 3D vision to be able to separate things.

Sunshine on a rainy morning – This is another deliberate stereo pair. The break in the rain was brief but long enough for me to get some pictures and do some exploring. +1

Camped above ‘Spring Hollow’ – The discovery of several springs near here decided me on my name for this hollow. It needs a name, as I’ll be back. +1

Hollow – Just a typical Ozarks hollow. But, not just a typical picture. I decided to take a stereo pair. If you can manage to get your eyes to merge the two pictures, you can see it in glorious 3D. +1

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