St. Nectan’s Glen

Lanie couldn’t turn down the challenge to cross the river on a log.

Our Cornish hosts, Ann and Bob plus Lanie & Ginger

The River Trevillet and particularly the area near the falls is chock-a-block with dozens of little stone cairns, just like this one.

Charms hanging on a bush at St. Nectan's Glen

Charms at St. Nectan’s Glen – Charms hanging on a bush at St. Nectan’s Glen, an example of the things left by visitors to St. Nectan’s Glen & Keive.

Lanie in front of the 60ft waterfall at St. Nectan's Klieve - St. Necan's Glen, Cornwall UK

Lanie and St. Nectan’s Kieve, St. Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall – Vaction Day 21 – After a chance to dry out and warm up we visited St. Nectan’s Glen. 4 pictures

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