St. David’s Road

Friday Night Wine and Curry – That’s a chicken Jalfrezi by the look of it. 5 pictures

Watching (365:267).

Notes – Facilitation, dealing with problems, finding solutions, this is what I do.

Clone photograph of Gary Allman. September 2007.

Many hands mean no work gets done (365: 242) – I have important things to do, so how do I spend my time? Ignoring the important stuff in the vain hope it’ll go away while I play with my camera and Photoshop.

NIFOC (395: 192).

Pompey Sunset – One of the joys of my flat’s westward facing window is the sunset.

Another ironing shot (365: 190) – Simple plan. This way I got two things done at once. Not exactly an inspirational photograph though. Maybe I should have dispensed with my clothes. Okay, maybe not.

365: 187 Reject.

My new home. I signed the lease today. 44a St. David’s Road, Portsmouth. The top flat will be mine from July 5th. I’m looking forward to getting out of temporary bed & breakfast accommodation and into my own place. +4

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