Sweet Dreams Sprinky

Sweet Dreams Sprinky – Today we said goodbye to Sprinkles.

Ginger & Sprinky [Video]

Ginger & Sprinky – When you can’t get any work done because your cat likes Bach’s Cello Suites as much as you do… Video: 30 seconds

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone. Sprinkles enjoying the sun in the backyard. 3 pictures


Tri-puss – It’s an uncommon configuration, and for Blue Kitty to let Tubby touch her is almost unheard of. And it’s a cute picture too.

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds. 2 pictures


Desk-buddy – Yesterday I thought Sprinky had finally grown tired of laying on my desk, but no, here she stays, pretty much 24 x 7. 6 pictures

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan – When I cleared my office and changed the couch I did not anticipate the increased attention my office would get from the feline members of the family. 5 pictures

Late Night Movie Tri-Puss

This cat configuration is what we call a ‘Tri-Puss’.

Gary and Sprinky

Black and white photograph of Gary with Sprinky.

Office Fur Factories

My Two Office Fur Balls — They’ve left just enough room for me to sit between them.

Sprinky Spies a Squirrel

The squirrels have been working on a new route. Sprinky considers this cool because she can sit and watch them from the comfort of my filing cabinet.

Sprinky — Variations

Sprinky lying on the kitchen table – five treatments of the same picture. 5 pictures

Too Many Cat Pictures

Too Many Cat Pictures – The trouble is the cats are a constant source of amusement – so you cannot ignore them, or their strange foibles (and furballs). 5 pictures

Cat Nap

Sprinky sleeping on the arm of the sofa in Ginger’s office.

It’s a Sprink in a Box

It’s a Sprink in a Box – No box is too small for our Maine Coon, Supa-dink aka Sprinkles.

Now let’s add in some cats…

Now let’s add in some cats… Sprinkles has a look I have more often seen in classical paintings. This shot should probably be in a caption competition. +1

Cats Watching TV

Cats Watching TV – We’ve created a monster. Tubby now thinks any rectangular object is fair game to stare at. Picture frames for example. He also sits next to our monitors waiting for something to move. Worse he sits right in the middle of the screen while we are watching movies and shows on Netflix.

Cat and mouse (365:353)

Cat and mouse (365:353) – Sprinky decided to fall asleep on my EfM lesson notes.

Gary, Tubby, and Sprinky (365:344)

Gary, Tubby and Sprinky (365:344) – Half past eleven and I’m still at my desk.

Gary and Ginger indulge in the ancient art of kitty aggravating (365:318)

Gary and Ginger indulge in the ancient art of kitty aggravating (365:318) – it’s a popular pastime around here.

Gary and Sprinky (365:278)

Gary and Sprinky (365:278) – With Ginger away the cats have been a little uneasy. One-minute read

Gary, Sprinky and Inspector Morse (365:210)

Gary, Sprinky and Inspector Morse (365:210) – It was good to find that Netflix have the Inspector Morse DVDs. But as they also have such UK masterpieces as the ‘Biederbeck Tapes’ I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised.

Sprinky appears to be giving me the ‘evil eye’ (365:092)

Sprinky appears to be giving me the ‘evil eye’ (365:092) – You would have thought I would have got the hang of this self portrait taking thingy by now. Alas that isn’t the case. I spent the afternoon doing yard work, raking leaves, cutting down last year’s bamboo, I even helped Alek get the leaf blower working and took everyone to Andy’s for a concrete (ice cream). Did I immortalize any of these activities in the digital photographic medium? No. 2 pictures

Petting Sprinky (365:075)

Petting Sprinky (365:075) One-minute read.

Morning rituals (365:042)

Morning rituals (365:042) – I think we need a bigger bed. Two-minute read, 4 pictures