Spot Color

Yew, Pumpkin, & Feather – evidence of fairies in the woods.

Catch-22 (365:280). Tonight I watched Catch-22 for the first time in many years.

I eat toast and marmalade while Mr. Getzger Cat exits frame right. (365:268). 3 pictures

Working late (365:256) – This documentary picture a day project doesn’t work very well when you never leave your desk. My day began at 7.20 am with the school run, then back home at my desk and I’m still here at 1 am.

Gary and Ginger at the dinner table (365:218) – Ginger said this picture needed some color. Now it has.

Return (365:144) – Second day at the computer working on websites. The work’s done and posted, as illustrated in today’s photo. All I need is the customer feedback, complete the inevitable changes and then to make it live. I guess I ought to clean my keyboard – this looks disgusting. One-minute read

Shell – Spot colour.

A blurred yellow taxi crosses a junction under 'the loop' on State Street, Chicago

State Street, Chicago. One of my all-time favorite pictures.

A present for my love. DeWalt drill driver.

What a Difference a Beer Makes – Product Placement (365: 96) – Today Thursdays and the 365 days project conspired to really get me down.

Morning Shave.

The Red Dress (365: 32) – For my final foray into the Copycat mini-challenge, this was going to be ‘The Red Shorts’ but then I thought I’d go one better… One-minute read

Deliberate (365: 31) – Or if you prefer. ‘Red tie at night…’ Re-edit. I typically had one hour to grab and process a picture each day. So many of the shots and much of the processing were hurried. I think the original shot would have worked better if I’d decided to cool down the lighting. +1

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