Self Portrait

Pictures of me, taken by myself. I tend to go with the official (365 Days) definition of a self portrait: “A self portrait is a photo of yourself taken by you – it is not a photo of you taken by someone else and it is not a photo of something you hold near and dear to your heart.” … “The main thing is that you are both the photographer and the subject. Any photo which you took that contains any part of your body counts.” … “shots of your shadow, impressions left in sand or snow, and reflections on surfaces such as a faucet or even a mirror are acceptable forms of self portraits.” Note. Some posts will be tagged as self-portraits because just one of the images is a selfie.

Strange times, strange working conditions – Today, for the first time since March 11, I left the house for work. Two-minute read. 4 pictures

My hike didn’t go quite as planned – lots of dense brush, an angry critter, and a lack of campsites changed my plans. Five-minute read, 3 pictures

About to head down the Pees Hollow Trail (Counter-Clockwise) – Day One, Hercules Glades, Pees Hollow Trail. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Lunch stop – Once again I made reasonable time on the trail (for me), arriving at my selected lunch spot shortly before two pm. 5 pictures

Ready to go – I was planning on a nice leisurely lunch break down at ‘Twin Falls Creek’ near where I’d camped on Friday night, so I wanted to be on the trail before midday. 3 pictures

In the woods – It is a nothing picture. You need to be there, listening to the birds, hearing and feeling the breeze, smelling the woodsy smells, and enjoying the warm sunshine on your skin.

Oh look, it’s me at a trailhead. There’s a surprise – Gary at the Pilot Trail trailhead at Hercules Glades. One-minute read

Hiking Out – A couple of selfies and some notes on my hike out. Three-minute read. 6 pictures

Gary taking in the view (and enjoying a beer) – Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness. I wasn’t going to let the weight stop me, I carried in a beer to enjoy down by the lake. Piney Creek – Day One.

Gary on the trail (when he can find it) – The Piney Creek Trail is well known for getting overgrown, especially where it crosses ‘Cat Briar Meadows.’ As soon as spring is sprung, nature goes wild and starts encroaching on the trail. Oh, and I got wet. One-minute read. 3 pictures

Lunch by Piney Creek and a chance to try out my new chair in the wild – I’ve already spent several hours sitting in my new chair, so I knew it was comfortable. What I didn’t know was how stable it would be out in the woods. 2 pictures

Another trailhead, another wilderness – This weekend it’s back to Piney Creek Wilderness. I plan to visit my favorite spot by Table Rock Lake. It’s predicted to be fairly cold overnight (34-36°F).

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