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Vacation Day 18 – Our last day with Uncle Keith and another hike… The day after tomorrow we have to be in Bristol for an afternoon meeting. Then we travel on to Cornwall. So tomorrow we are heading back down south. In the meantime, we went on another short hike taking in the Mote of …

Lanie on the Mote of Mark (Hike: Kippford to Rockcliffe) Read More »

Dumfries Solstice Sunset. Lanie and Ginger watch the solstice sunset.

Vacation Day 17 – In the evening we went to the house of one of Uncle keith’s friends for a barbecue.

Lanie never bothered to ask Uncle Keith why he’d brought carrots on a hike About halfway through our Balcary Bay hike we came across some donkeys running free. Lanie was in her element, and thanks to Uncle Keith able to feed the donkeys. They were “Soooo cuuute…”

Vacation Day 17 – A hike at Balcary Bay and the Solway Firth Coast My uncle wanted to take us on a hike. We’ve been on hikes with him before… We protested about how out of condition we were, however, as Uncle Keith had a foot injury I reckoned we would be okay. Injury or …

Balcary Bay Hike Read More »

Vacation Day 16 – Scotland, and some time with my uncle We drove around the Lake District for a while before heading to Scotland. My Uncle has moved since our last visit, so instead of having to travel all the way to Glasgow we only had to hop across the border and head west towards …

An evening visit to Caerlaverock Castle Read More »

This picture appeared in print on the cover of a camping brochure and on the Tiso website as an advertisement.

UK June 2011 – Day 20. Today I met an old friend, it was the first time we’d seen each other in nearly forty years. Russell and I had said our goodbyes back when we left school in July 1972, exchanged a couple of letters and then lost contact. Thanks to the joys of the …

Enjoying the scenery by Loch Bad a’Ghaill Read More »

UK June 2011 – Day 19. This might have been my favorite photo of the entire holiday, but the autofocus didn’t work properly so it’s a bit blurred. I’ve now worked out what the problem is, see the very end of this post for my conclusions. We were up early and elected to postpone breakfast …

Looking out over Gruinard Bay, Scotland (365:184) Read More »

UK June 2011 – Day 18. Today I drove across Scotland, twice. Starting from our campsite in Glen Etive near the West coast we drove up the length of Loch Ness, stopping at Foyers to have a walk and take pictures of the falls, which at 165 feet high are the highest we’ve seen on …

Hiding from the midges ( 365:183) Read More »

This Larchwood path was part of our Comrie hike. I remember as a kid larchwoods being depicted as dark and spooky. They are! This is one image of three that I am thinking of printing as a triptych.

View from the near the road near Largs Scotland across the Firth of Clyde twoards Great Cumrae and Bute. Color Photograph

Looking across the Firth of Clyde towards Great Cumbrae and Bute. Taken from near Largs, Scotland.

View from the near the road near Largs Scotland across the Firth of Clyde towards Great Cumrae and Bute. Black and White Photograph

Looking across the Firth of Clyde towards Great Cumbrae and Bute. Taken from near Largs, Scotland. Black and white version. Edit: When I first uploaded this I thought I saw a blue tinge to the sky. I assumed I was seeing things. Then I checked the histogram, and sure enough there it was. It took …

Looking Towards the Islands (Black & White) Read More »

UK June 2011 – Day 13. Today we had a longish drive, by UK standards anyway. Birmingham to Cumbernauld (North East of Glasgow). It looked like we’d arrive at Glasgow just as the commuter traffic got heavy so we detoured to Kilmarnock and the west coast for a bit of scenery while everybody drove home. …

On the beach near West Kilbride (365:178) Read More »

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