SB-900 Speedlight

Katie – pictures rescued from the cutting room floor – I found these pictures in 2015 and thought they’d be worth processing and sharing. 4 pictures

Lanie – pictures rescued from the cutting room floor. 2 pictures

Photograph of Gary Allman and Tubby - a Burmese cat.

Gary and Tubby (365:363) – I was taking some family portraits and I forgot to include myself, so here I am with Tubby. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Ginger puts a smile on my face (365:352) – I checked my eyes; unfortunately you can’t see what she was doing.

Gary eats a Tie fighter (cookie)

And swiftly dispatches Daft Cookie-Monster in the process Actually it’s the ‘H’ from Christmas; Lanie made some Christmas cookies tonight.

Just another day Looks like I’m happy though 🙂 This is a re-edit the original looked like this.

Studying (365:313) – I’m now well into year two of my EfM course.

Once more I stand before the wall

A trim was overdue

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman. October 27, 2011

Left Profile (365:300)

Gary plus rat (365:283) – This plastic rat has been making appearances in lots of places over the past few days. 2 pictures

Black and white photograph of gary Allman (Springfield Missouri) talking on the telephone.

Chatting with Ginger on the telephone (365:279) – This time we’re only 600 miles apart, not 5,000.

Well it worked. I spent the day processing pictures – a slow job until I get a faster computer. After getting the kids from school we took Alek and Katie to a career fair. Having made sure that they were actually asking questions and collecting information, Lanie and I went to the library. I couldn’t …

This is how I avoided getting eye strain today (365:277) Read More »

It would have been an okay picture if the camera hadn’t focused on my ear. Oh well, it’s the only picture I’ve got. Today Ginger left myself and Getzger in charge while she’s away on a trip to Chicago with our friend Rebbie. I get my chance to go to Chicago in a couple of …

Playing with lighting (365:276) Read More »

Gary’s a lumberjack for the day (365:266) – I spent most of the day logging. Some friends are thinning out their trees, cutting the big ones into 8-9 foot logs and sending them to a local lumber mill. I volunteered to give them a hand today, so I spent my day clearing and cutting back brush, chaining logs and standing well back as the tractor dragged them up the hill.

It’s gone 1 am again.

This evening I was momentarily stumped as to where to begin (365:254) – I soon got over it. One-minute read

No Wall (365:253) – After yesterday’s escape into the garden I spent today at my desk.

Yay! Out of the house and no sign of a wall (same basic pose though). Out and about this morning, with a trip to church and WalMart. We spent a fair bit of the afternoon in the backyard where I fed the mosquitoes while we took pictures.

Tedious (365:251) – This 365 days project is a bit tedious at the moment.

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