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John was kind enough to invite me sailing again. A gentle 4-7 mph breeze was predicted and, for the first part of our sail, that’s what we got. As the day went on the wind become increasingly fickle and we ended up drifting around a bit. Well, that’s my excuse for the GPS track. Looking …

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First sail of the season and for a change there was some wind John invited me to join him for his first sail of the season. The end of June sounds a bit late for getting in the first sail, but John said that the horrendously wet and miserable weather we’ve been having this year …

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Vacation Day 12 – Tied up for the night We tried anchoring in a sheltered spot in Horsea Mere, but the wind was too strong for the mud anchor and we started dragging it almost immediately. I prefer to anchor well away from everyone, but unless I was prepared to stay up all night on …

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Vacation Day 12 – We hired a sailboat in the vain hope of getting in some sailing Having taken our leave of my son and his family we decided to go sailing for a few days. When Ginger’s UK contacts found out she was in England she got lots of invites to meet up. It …

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Another day’s sailing on my friend John’s sailboat – only this time instead of too much wind, we had too little.

Spent the day with cap’n John getting the boat ready for some real sailing – he has a mainsail. Unfortunately the ‘iron Topsail’ is currently broken, and beyond my knowledge to repair.

Anchored in Stockton Lake

John asked if I fancied going sailing. He had to ask? That’s a given.

A series of heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday put paid to our first planned outing. So we re-scheduled for Friday – not an auspicious day to go sailing if you are superstitious, but fortunately I’ve only just remembered that.

Sailing on Stockton Lake -

I really like this series of pictures of John I took while we out sailing yesterday.

Remember cap’n John? Well, he’s gone and done it now and bought himself a twenty-seven-foot sailboat. I went with him to Stockton to take a look. Pretty cool she is too. 19 pictures

My friend John recently got his ASA Basic Keelboat sailing certificate. When he said he wanted a sailing buddy to help him out on his first day sail in a keelboat without an instructor I jumped at the chance

Photograph of Gary Allman Sailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads.

Sailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk Broads. This could be August 1999. It could 2000, or later…

Photograph from the Herts & Essex Observer of Len Thomsett and Steve Allman with their yacht Miga

Packed away in a box under the bed I found this newspaper cutting from 1960. It tells the story of how my father and a work colleague built their own yacht. I’ve also written about some of my early sailing experiences, in particular a couple of attempts at drowning myself.

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