Sailing on Stockton Lake, Missouri – John was kind enough to invite me sailing again. Video: 2 minutes & 10 pictures

Vacation Day 12 – We hired a sailboat in the vain hope of getting in some sailing Having taken our leave of my son and his family we decided to go sailing for a few days. When Ginger’s UK contacts found out she was in England she got lots of invites to meet up. It …

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Uneven Keel – I didn’t check but it looks like this yacht is quite badly damaged – unless one of the keels has just sunk into the mud.

Photograph from the Herts & Essex Observer of Len Thomsett and Steve Allman with their yacht Miga

They Built Their Own Yacht – Packed away in a box under the bed I found this newspaper cutting from 1960. It tells the story of how my father and a work colleague built their own yacht. I’ve also written about some of my early sailing experiences, in particular a couple of attempts at drowning myself. Five-minute read, 5 pictures

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