Sac River Trail

Lanie enjoyed yesterday’s hike so much she wanted to go on another today. So we went on a short hike on the Sac River trail

Muddy feet (365:141) – After yesterday’s rain it was a bit muddy on the Sac River trail today, but I revel in squelching through mud and splashing through creeks so I had great fun. One-minute read, 5 pictures

The real picture’s in the background. Ginger, Katie and I put in a four-mile hike on the Sac River trail today. I was expecting the trail to be very muddy but it turned out to be surprisingly dry. During a brief stop I thought I’d grab a quick safety shot. I had an idea in …

Silliness on the Sac River Trail (365:120) Read More »

Lunch break in the old barn on the Sac River Trail (365:087). Ginger has this habit of distracting me. 2 pictures

Gary and Ginger on a snowy Sac River Trail (365:036) – No Interwebs today. To keep busy I cleared the drive of last night’s couple of inches of snow, and we decided to enjoy the sunshine, brave the snow cover and go for a short hike on the Sac River Trail. The hike was fine, proving our gear is up to a winter hike, getting to the trail and away again was not so good. One-minute read, 4 pictures

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