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Portsmouth UK

Langstone Harbour – Lock entrance wall. [2 pictures]

Black and White photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Davis Allman sitting on a bench at Milton Locks, overlooking Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, UK.

We visit a place laden with memories for me and recreate a picture from ten years ago. [4 pictures]

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

Park and Ride bus by Victoria Park, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 2 – A quick visit to Commercial Road

Photograph of St. John's Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth, UK

Vacation Day 2

Photograph of the former Zurich Building in Portsmouth UK

The Former Zurich Building, Portsmouth UK. [1 picture]

Photograph of the playground at Victoria park, Portsmouth

Vacation Day 2 – A stroll through Victoria Park. The lighting under the trees was very surreal – calming and peaceful. I failed to capture it.

Photograph of the The Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth Guildhall Square, Portsmouth UK

The Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth Guildhall Square.

Photograph of Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth UK

Portsmouth Guildhall & Guildhall Square. [5 pictures]

Black and white photograph of Southsea Beach, UK

Southsea Beach. Once back in Portsmouth we took a short nap. We then decided that a visit to the beach was in order, and somehow that led to a pint of beer. [5 pictures]

Photograph showing two Blurb books wrapped in cellophane

That’s another couple of projects completed – a photobook of my grandson, and another of my sister’s wedding. They are both still wrapped in cellophane (hence the strange highlights and spots), and they will remain that way until I hand them over. It’s rather like the magazine I edit, once they are printed, opening the …

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Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception [31 Pictures]

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding [12 Pictures]

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White [34 Pictures]

Portsmouth From Fort Widley – A cold wet and windy Tuesday evening. [2 pictures]

Eastney gas Engine House Composite image

In June 2014 we visited Eastney Beam Engine House, and I was surprised to find the Gas Engine House Open. I’ve not been in there in thirty years. I knew I had an old picture of my dad taken in the Gas Engine House taken sometime in the late seventies. I had an idea for …

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Vacation Days 27 & 28 – Our last couple of days in the UK and Lanie catches a crab. To finish off our vacation we went back to the dockyard to take in some of the things we didn’t see the first time, but mainly to visit ‘Action Stations’ where Emily works. I’m pretty sure …

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A photograph of a Krispy Kreme donut and a cup of coffee

Vacation day 26 – We travel 5,000 miles to find Krispy Kreme donuts at Gunwharf The world is certainly shrinking – but in my opinion there are other donuts that I’d prefer to find in the UK. I remember being very pleased when, by popular demand, we stopped having Krispy Kreme donuts at church and …

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Vacation Day 25 – Visit to Eastney Beam Engine House I’ve no idea how many times I’ve visited this place over the years. It was a regular favorite to bring the boys to when they were younger, and my dad worked here as a volunteer. What were these magnificent engines for? … Pumping waste water …

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Vacation Day 3 – A walk along the seafront I was expecting too much to think we’d be able to get to the D-Day memorial in time for the remembrance service. Too much travelling and a six-hour time-zone change slowed us down significantly. We caught the train into Fratton and walked down to the seafront. …

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UK June 2011 – Day 29. What a truly appalling picture. I could have used the safety shot I took during our afternoon walk around Farlington Marshes, but that seems like a bit of a betrayal of my family. So this picture will have to do. Tonight we had a family curry and took this …

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UK June 2011 – Day 28. Yet more curry! We spent the day buying gifts and stuff to take back with us – including a trip to Gilbert’s sweet shop, which someone had told me, erroneously as it transpired, had closed. We also visited the chandlers to get stainless ‘D’ ring fixings for our kayaks, …

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Watching Coldplay live at Glastonbury in 3D. And today we met Dandy.

UK June 2011 – Day 8. Today we didn’t do a lot. We had a ‘down day’ which involved nothing much which was very nice. By the way – I’m deliberately not the focal point of this picture, I guess I could have gone for a higher ISO setting and brought us both into focus, …

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Dinner with Robert and Mel (365:171) [6 pictures]

UK June 2011 – Day 4. Gary and Ginger standing in the wind outside Southsea Castle. Mick treated us to a hearty English breakfast before taking us back to Robert’s for a small family get together, after which we decided to go out and blow away the cobwebs with some fresh air and a look …

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UK June 2011 – Day 3. To be more precise a whole day with Mick. Despite changing time zones we had to be up early to get the broken camera lens to the repair shop before my childhood friend Mick arrived to take us to meet up with his parents, who I’ve not seen in …

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Pictures of the Allman Family playing on a games console

Robert has moved into his own place After a week’s delay, Friday night saw Robert borrowing my car to finally move out of the family home and into his own flat. Today Ian, Marcelle, and I got an invitation to visit. It is a super little place, completely refurbished, nicely finished and with everything he …

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Some observations on my little car

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