Pole Hollow Cairn

It’s become customary to grab a quick picture at the cairn at the junction of the Pilot and Pole Hollow Trails at Hercules Glades.

Note. The current trail names are the Tower and Pete Hollow Trails. Recently some bright spark had an idea to rename a lot of the trails in the wilderness, ignoring the existing historical trail names, and in the case of the Pole Hollow Trail, just getting it wrong (according to the USGS maps).

This wasn’t my plan for the weekend. Day One — Gary at the Pole Hollow trail Junction. Orange hat because it is turkey hunting season. Two-minute read, +1

Dusk at the Pole (Pete) Hollow Trail cairn — Right on target, 25 minutes from the trailhead.

Back at the Pole Hollow Trail junction cairn (and few ‘selfies’ taken on the trail). +3

Day Two – Back at the Pole Hollow cairn – Here I am, back at the Pole Hollow cairn in Hercules Glades, but this trip is a little bit different.

‘That’ cairn. Hercules Glades, Cairn at the junction of the Pilot and Pole Hollow trails (and a selfie). +1

Day One. Back on the trail – My first trip out since November – maybe that’s why my hat is looking a little neglected. Two-minute read, +2

Hercules Glades Wilderness from the Pole Hollow Trail – Looking east. Two-minute read, +1

Gary at the Pole (Pete) Hollow cairn, Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Two hours later – back at the Pole Hollow cairn

Gary and the Pole Hollow Cairn – Time for the obligatory selfie at the cairn. I prefer this black and white version. +1

Gary & Ginger at the Pole Hollow Cairn – I know how to treat Ginger to a good time, I made sure she had plenty of exercise, time to relax, and her own room with a forest view. One-minute read, +1

Photograph of Gary Allman in front of the Pole (Pete) Hollow Trail cairn, Hercules Glades Wilderness, Missouri. February 2021.

Pole Hollow Cairn (it’s behind me) – The weather seems to be doing a better job of keeping me off the trails in 2021 than COVID-19 did in 2020. Two-minute read

Back at the Pole Hollow Cairn – It was too dark on the hike out Friday night for my obligatory Pole Hollow Cairn selfie, so I decided to slip one in on my return hike. +1

Gary at the Pole Hollow Cairn, October 2020 – what can I say? It’s become a tradition to take a selfie here.

Back on the trail – I was working in Kansas City two Saturday’s running, so I decided I’d earned myself a Monday off, and headed down to my usual stomping ground, Hercules Glades for a single night visit. +1

Rocks on the cairn – I’m not sure when I’m next going to get a chance to get out here, so I added a couple of rocks to the cairn. A pretty lichen-covered one for Ginger and a cheese wedge shape one for me.

Self portrait of Gary Allman at the junction of the Pilots and Pole Hollow trails, Hercules Glades Wilderness. November 2018.

Hercules Glades Backpacking, November 2018 – Van problems forced me to select a nearby trail for a late fall break. Another visit to Hercules Glades was on the cards. Trip write-up: 10-minute read, +52

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