Plants and Flowers

Black Eyed Susan and backpack – Before heading up the ‘Farm Track Trail’ and into ‘Shelob’s Lair’ I stopped to fill up with cool creek water and a dunk in Piney Creek. It was cold but very refreshing.

March Hibiscus – we moved our hibiscus plants inside for the winter and they have rewarded us by flowering every now and then.

Bedroom Plants – Same old story, I liked the light.

The soft light on a dull rainy day on these flowers Ginger picked and placed on the kitchen table caught my eye, and prompted a discovery. One-minute read, +1

Flowering Prickly Pear Cactus. +1

Isolated – Some trail-side plants and I find some water. 2 pictures

Ginger recently undertook a project to make a vessel a day for 100 days. Most days a new vessel of some sort would appear on my desk. The vases came with flowers, and the pots came with small plants. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Stamen – Hibiscus plant in the back yard. I was chatting with Ginger when I noticed the contrast between the light on the stamen of this flower and the darkness of the greenery behind it.

Flowering meadow – Day Two, Hercules Glades, Pees Hollow Trail.

Heading east on the Pilot Trail at Hercules Glades Wilderness – In modern parlance that would be the Tower Trail.

Indian paintbrush – Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush or prairie-fire. 2 pictures

Trailside Fungi. In my current favorite color. 2 pictures

Leaf and Leaves

Spring Daffodils – Carter Family Cemetery – Busiek Red / Yellow Trail. We hiked up the ridge and past the Carter Family Cemetery. 3 pictures

Photograph of a Hibiscus flower in Black and white

When I noticed the sunlight dappling the flower I decided to take the picture, no matter how twee hibiscus flower pictures are. Thinking about it; for a better shot I should have got the sunlight in the background behind the stamen.

Photograph of a Hibiscus Flower

Kitchen Window – We’re staying at our friend Penny’s house in Wales. This is the wonderful view out of her kitchen window. 3 pictures

Old man’s beard on the trees at the edge of the bluff

Staying with Jim and carol for a couple of days, I liked the look of the late afternoon sun on the grass in the field next to the workshop.

Photograph of Prairie flowers at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center

Prairie Flowers at the Springfield Nature Conservation Center – Despite the horrid heat, today we took Mick on a walk around the nature center. 3 pictures

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