Piney Creek Wilderness

Solo Backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness — After a busy week, I made a snap decision to go backpacking. Trip write-up: Ten-minute read, 35 pictures

The Unknown Joys of Cartography. Several years ago we made a map … One-minute read

gary Allman in the Mark Twain National Forest at Piney Creek Wilderness Missouri.

Do You Know Pete Best? — A chance meeting with locals looking for directions on a remote Ozarks farm road. Two-minute read

Resting on the trail out from Piney Creek Wilderness

It was hot and record temperatures were predicted. So, after filtering enough water to last us our hike back to the trailhead I decided that I’d lie in the creek a while and get soaked before we started climbing the 600+ feet out of the wilderness. +1

Sunshine on Table Rock Lake, seen from Piney Creek Wilderness

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness. 3 pictures

Gary and Ginger stop for a drink and snack on the way back to the Tower Trailhead – Piney Creek Wilderness. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Typical Ozarks recreational arrangements (365:365) – Today we sunbathed and went on a short exploratory hike. Yes, that’s right, sunbathed on the 31 December in the Northern hemisphere. Three-minute read, +8

Penultimate campfire of 2011 (365:364) – We were in two minds as to where to go backpacking this weekend. Piney Creek Wilderness, or the similarly sounding Paddy Creek Wilderness… Two-minute read

Lookout tower at the Piney Creek Wilderness Tower trailhead – A day hike to Piney Creek.

Gary by Piney Creek, Piney Creek Wilderness, Missouri (365:315) – We took the girls with us on a scouting trip down to Piney Creek Wilderness. +7

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