Piney Creek Trail

The trail is starting to get overgrown – All through these (and the following) overgrown sections of trail I talk to the snakes, “Hello snaky, snaky, snakes, just passing through, don’t mind me.” at the same time I’m probing the trail ahead with my hiking poles to make sure any somnolent snakes wake up before I tread on them. +1

Wind on Table Rock Lake – I feel like I’m home when I get to this view.

Loop complete. The start of the Siloam Spring Trail – This is the Piney Creek end of the Siloam Spring Trail. I’ve come full circle. That’s it, I’ve completed all the official trails at Piney Creek. Now to head off down to the lake and have some quiet time lake watching.

What is it with old truck cabs in the woods? I’ve no idea what sort of truck this was, and there was no sign of the chassis, engine, or drive-train anywhere around. +1

Cat Briar Central – I name this area Cat Briar Central. The cat briars around it were horrendous, and I carry the scars to show for it. +1

Large pool on Piney Creek – I didn’t check how deep, but judging by the color, a few feet.

Piny Creek glinting in the sun – you can get a clear idea of how narrow the hollow gets from this picture. Can’t find the trail? hike down the creek.

The trail is quite clear and easy to follow (In places)

Camped by Piney Creek – I spent a long time searching for a decent campsite yesterday evening, and the light was rapidly fading when I picked this spot as the best I could find. +2

Back on the Piney Creek Trail – it’s a 20′-30′ drop to the creek. I was looking for good camping spots. The best are probably at the very start of the Piney Creek Trail. The trail is overgrown and difficult to follow in many places. +1

There’s my destination in sight. Straight ahead across the lake. The lake was pretty full, and before I went on, I back-tracked a ways up Piney Creek and found a nice clear feeder creek (dribble really), to fill up my water bottle and a half-gallon pouch to last me for the night.

Gary on the trail (when he can find it) – The Piney Creek Trail is well known for getting overgrown, especially where it crosses ‘Cat Briar Meadows.’ As soon as spring is sprung, nature goes wild and starts encroaching on the trail. Oh, and I got wet. One-minute read. 3 pictures

Cat Briar Meadows – Cat briars are taking over this area, and climbing the trees as well. I suspect the only thing keeping the trail open here is the horses. 2 pictures

More Creek Crossings. 4 pictures

Piney Creek Trail – This trail can get a little ‘brushy’. In the summer it is almost impassable. For added fun there are lots of cat briars to get scratched by and snagged on.

First Creek Crossing of the Day – The trail I was following down to the creek joined just a few yards before this crossing point.

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek – Day one of three days backpacking in Piney Creek Wilderness.

Back at the Lake – I’ve not been here since July. It’s good to be back.

Crossing Piney Creek – I crossed the creek around five times… 2 pictures

Solo Backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness — After a busy week, I made a snap decision to go backpacking. Trip write-up: Ten-minute read, 35 pictures

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