Pilot Trail

Hercules Glades Wilderness. Pilot Trail, Around a quarter mile east of Lower Pilot Knob. And some end of trip notes. Two-minute read

On the Pilot (Tower) Trail to the north of the Lower Pilot Knob. Cheesy grin indeed. What I didn’t realize then was that in a couple of hundred yards I’d walk straight past the old forest road I take to get to my ‘Deep Hollow’ campsite. I obviously realized my hat was in need of some TLC. It’s looking a whole lot better now. Two-minute read

Distant Hills – The view to the northeast from the Pilot (Tower) Trail, near Lower Pilot Knob.

View to the southeast from the Pilot Trail, and the hike out. One-minute read

Ginger disappearing around a corner on the Pilot (Tower) Trail

Flowering Prickly Pear Cactus. +1

Unexpected ice – there was a lot more ice on the trail than I expected. Hercules Glades – Day One. +1

The gate at the end of the trail – It’s exactly what I imagined, but still a bit of a letdown. No pot of gold or welcoming streamers. I can, at least, say I’ve hiked the entire length of the Pilot (Tower) Trail now. 2 pictures

Fall at the far end of the Pilot Trail – On a whim, I changed my plans and decided to venture into uncharted territory and hike down to the end of the trail. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Gary at the junction of the Pilot and Devil’s Den West Trails – I encountered the second and last person I met during my three-day sojourn at Hercules Glades, here at the junction of the Pilot and Devil’s Den West trails. One-minute read

Fall color on the Pilot Trail – It’s Friday, it’s two-thirty in the afternoon, and I’m giving myself a well-earned break out in nature. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Oh look, it’s me at a trailhead. There’s a surprise – Gary at the Pilot Trail trailhead at Hercules Glades. One-minute read

Heading east on the Pilot Trail at Hercules Glades Wilderness – In modern parlance that would be the Tower Trail.

Indian paintbrush – Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush or prairie-fire. 2 pictures

Pilot (Tower) Trail.

Gary, happy on the trail – Note the amount of water on the trail in the background. It was yet another wet feet hike. 2 pictures

More wet trails – In places it was ankle deep.

Wilderness Escape (again) – Two nights in Hercules Glades. A severe thunderstorm, wet and muddy trails, wonderful falls, a ghost from the past, some stupid mistakes and overall, a good time. Trip write-up: 12-minute read. +30

Another ‘Wet Feet’ Trip – Hercules Glades – Day One. 2 pictures

Gary on the Pilot Trail, Hercules Glades Wilderness. Hercules Glades – Day One.

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