Pees Hollow Trail

The End is in Sight – Not quite as nice a view as the earlier views to the east and west, but I always like this because the end of the hike (at the tower) is in sight. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

I Never Tire Of This View – View from the glades looking northwest.

Gary Allman on the Pees Hollow trail at Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Dressed for chilly weather, and looking a bit chubby too.

Pees Hollow, Counter-clockwise For a Change – The last time Ginger and I went backpacking together was in August 2017. For this trip, Ginger chose the trail — Hercules Glades Wilderness, Pees Hollow trail, and I chose the route — Counter-clockwise. Three-minute read, 14 pictures

Looking Across the Glades – Pees Hollow Trail.

Gary and the Truck Cab on the Pees Hollow Trail – Photo by Ginger. 3 pictures

‘Cab Creek’

That’s One Way to Get Ginger to Laugh.

Pees Hollow Backpacking Trip – My new Hammock arrived last week and I couldn’t wait any longer to try it out. Eight-minutes read, 54 pictures

Glades and Knobs – You cannot be a Brit (well this Brit anyway) and not snigger occasionally at the local term for a pointy hill – ‘knob’. Two-minute read, 6 pictures

Dodge Truck Hood. We find some odd things in the wilderness, this old truck hood, the truck cab, then a Busiek there’s an old panel van, and two old nitrogen railroad trucks (imported for use as culverts).

Brushy Creek

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